This project investigated the theory-practice relationship in the context of a particular issue: open-access (OA) publication and dissemination of research. Details of the project team can be found below. The project also had an Advisory Board of senior stakeholders from the publishing, academic, library, and funder communities that helped to direct its research.

Professor Stephen Pinfield, Principal Investigator
Information School, University of Sheffield
My research interests focus on scholarly communication, digital information resources management, and information-related policies in organisations. Recently, this has included work on open-access publishing and dissemination, research data management, and digital repository development. I work at the intersection between technology deployment, organisational policy development, and cultural practices, using both quantitative and qualitative methods. Much of this has to date concentrated on applied areas, stemming from my professional background as an information services manager before moving into an academic role. I have, however, combined this with working with a number of theoretical models in order to understand patterns of uptake of innovative approaches to scholarship and communication.

Professor David Bawden, Co-Investigator
Department of Library & Information Science, City, University of London
I am Professor of Information Science in the Department of Library and Information Science at City, University of London. I am involved in research and teaching in three areas of library/information science: the foundations of the information sciences, including conceptions of information in different domains, and theory building and research methodology in the library/information disciplines: information resources and documents, their nature, use and organization, historical development, and new forms; and information behaviour, particularly those aspects associated with individual differences, with creativity and innovation, and with digital literacies – more details here. I have particular interests in information issues in the domains I have previously studied and worked in: physical sciences, specifically chemistry, and healthcare, specifically pharmaceuticals.

Dr Lyn Robinson, Researcher
Department of Library & Information Science, City, University of London
I am Reader in Library & Information Science at City, University of London, and currently Head of Department. My research interests include the nature and understanding of information; concepts relating to documents & the processes of documentation; information behaviour, especially in arts and performance; and information literacy. I am particularly interested in the consequences of new media for how we understand documents, and the impact that new information and communication technologies will have on library and information services.

Dr Simon Wakeling, Researcher
Information School, University of Sheffield
I am a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Sheffield’s Information School. I hold an MSc in Electronic and Digital Management, and obtained my PhD in 2015 with my thesis titled Establishing User Requirements for a Recommender System in an Online Union Catalogue: an Investigation of I have since worked as a researcher on a number of projects within the iSchool, including ‘Developing a Taxonomy of Search Sessions’, ‘Understanding the Annotation Process: Annotation for Big Data’, ‘Investigating Interlending: a Scoping Study’ and ‘User Preference vs. Performance for Business Intelligence Dashboards’. Most recently I completed a two year post-doctoral position working on the AHRC funded project Open Access Mega-Journals and the Future of Scholarly Communication. My research interests are in the fields of scholarly communication and interactive information retrieval.

Open Access in Theory and Practice